Flirtatious Friday | Thank You for Choosing!

Thank you for choosing! If you aren’t choosing…maybe you should be This week’s Flirtatious Friday is being presented by a special guest, the motivational speaker, DeAndre Carter! Lovees tune in – you’re in for a treat!


Size ‘em Up!

Check out the latest Flirtatious Friday! When you first meet someone do you find yourself sizing them up…How old are you? Do you have a job? Could you have my babies? O_o    


Thirsty or Nah?

Startled…I turned around because I could feel someone standing extremely close to me at the grocery store’s self checkout counter. I was slightly confused as to whether or not the guy, who was placing items on my teeny-weeny counter space, was an employee of the grocery store.  I figured that had to be the reason […]


It’s Valentine’s Day :) :(

Today is one of those days where I sometimes feel like I have to walk on eggshells around certain people. For those that are somewhere in between  blossoming a new relationship and celebrating 40 strong years of marriage, today is a good day! It’s a Hallmark holiday…I get it, I get it. Though, in the […]