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Subliminal Messages – Who Am I?

Who Am I? As a young lady embracing who I am today and shaping the woman that I desire to be tomorrow, I have come to realize that culture demands so many things from me. “I’m trying to keep what’s subliminal minimal” is as true today as it was when I wrote it 5 years […]

Make it Last Forever

#TBT #Michiganlove – The following is the love story of Mr. & Mrs. Terry who have shared 10 years together, including 8 wonderful years of marriage. Their success, happiness, and commitment to one another thrives on the fact that they made the unwavering decision to put Christ at the center of their relationship from the […]

Marriage: A Progressive Process

#TBT Today I will be sharing a story from my first blog. If you didn’t read it before, read it now! Who doesn’t like real love stories?  The authenticity and transparency in his story helps us singles and married individuals alike learn about the challenges of marriage (including finances, showing affection, and fulfilling the role […]


It’s Valentine’s Day :) :(

Today is one of those days where I sometimes feel like I have to walk on eggshells around certain people. For those that are somewhere in between  blossoming a new relationship and celebrating 40 strong years of marriage, today is a good day! It’s a Hallmark holiday…I get it, I get it. Though, in the […]