What Are You Thinking? | Flirtatious Friday

In case you missed it, here’s last week’s Flirtatious Friday: What are you thinking? It has been said that your thoughts create your reality. So, what are your most dominate thoughts? Stay tuned to learn how your thoughts may be impacting your love life.


I Saw My Ex

Walking up the stairs to his apartment I could feel my heart inside of my stomach. I could feel my breath getting heavy – not sure if I was nervous or winded from the stairs but I was thinking it was the former. I hadn’t seen him in months since I decided to end our […]

Flirtatious Friday | Thank You for Choosing!

Thank you for choosing! If you aren’t choosing…maybe you should be This week’s Flirtatious Friday is being presented by a special guest, the motivational speaker, DeAndre Carter! Lovees tune in – you’re in for a treat!

This is why men don't understand women

This is why men don’t understand women!

Cupid’s Consultant brings to you some oh-so-true scenarios that explain precisely why men don’t understand women. This is why men don’t understand women from Dom Cobb


Size ‘em Up!

Check out the latest Flirtatious Friday! When you first meet someone do you find yourself sizing them up…How old are you? Do you have a job? Could you have my babies? O_o    

The Right One or the One for Right Now?

Check out today’s Flirtatious Friday! Are you receiving signs that the your love interest is actually interested in developing a relationship?  Are you communicating that you are “just chillin,” “playing the field” or “casually dating?”  Not sure? Then watch the vlog and let me know your thoughts!  

Flirtatious Friday: My Ex Taught Me 10 Things

Hi Lovees, Thank God for Fridays, especially this Flirtatious Friday. Today I’ll be sharing with you 10 things that I learned from my ex. Have you learned  a thing or two from failed relationships or failed friendships? Maybe we have some of the same key learnings, maybe not? Let me know! Also, if you haven’t […]


It’s Valentine’s Day :) :(

Today is one of those days where I sometimes feel like I have to walk on eggshells around certain people. For those that are somewhere in between  blossoming a new relationship and celebrating 40 strong years of marriage, today is a good day! It’s a Hallmark holiday…I get it, I get it. Though, in the […]