Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father

Hello Lovees! I want to share with you a guest post that I recently wrote. “Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father”  speaks about daddy issues in a way that is very consistent with all of my posts – promoting self-love and encouraging healthy relationships. Often times when aiming to be healthy, one of the first […]

Consulting for a Cause

Cupid’s Consultant Supports Domestic Violence Awareness w/ 50% of Book Proceeds

Consulting for a Cause –  In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness, the creator of, Dominique Cobb, is donating 50% of her book proceeds during the month of October to The National Domestic Violence Hotline. To support the cause readers can purchase either book as an e-book or paperback on   “How to Not […]

Health and Fitness: Starting a Relationship with Them

Health and fitness is not just about physical attractiveness. That is a MAJOR bonus but it goes much deeper than that. There is something so incredibly attractive about someone who consistently does whatever it takes to reach their goals and someone who is disciplined enough to not make impulsive decisions that will sabotage what they’ve been […]

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Subliminal Messages – Who Am I?

Who Am I? As a young lady embracing who I am today and shaping the woman that I desire to be tomorrow, I have come to realize that culture demands so many things from me. “I’m trying to keep what’s subliminal minimal” is as true today as it was when I wrote it 5 years […]


I Saw My Ex

Walking up the stairs to his apartment I could feel my heart inside of my stomach. I could feel my breath getting heavy – not sure if I was nervous or winded from the stairs but I was thinking it was the former. I hadn’t seen him in months since I decided to end our […]

Flirtatious Friday | Thank You for Choosing!

Thank you for choosing! If you aren’t choosing…maybe you should be This week’s Flirtatious Friday is being presented by a special guest, the motivational speaker, DeAndre Carter! Lovees tune in – you’re in for a treat!

This is why men don't understand women

This is why men don’t understand women!

Cupid’s Consultant brings to you some oh-so-true scenarios that explain precisely why men don’t understand women. This is why men don’t understand women from Dom Cobb

Etiquette Guide: Break-ups on Social Media

If you follow me on Facebook you know that my relationship status hasn’t changed in years! I’ve been very intentional about who I commit to because I’m trying to do this new thing where hopefully the guy that names me as his “girlfriend” will one day name me as his “wife.” Crazy idea, right?! haha… […]