Theory of Love

The innate need to selfishly receive pleasure,
You give because they give the very thing that you treasure.
But most importantly you love to take,
And what you desire will never run out,
Thankfully they can relate.
So you continue to take and take,
From your family, your pet, and your spouse.

Platonically and romantically the motive is all the same.
You only do it because it’s an emotional gain.
Commitment to mom and pops,
Intense passion for wife or your lover,
Friends telling you that they luv ya.

You’ve become attach to love.
It’s a survival mechanism.
Mom held your hand when you were afraid,
Fed, kissed, and hugged you.

You’ve become attach to love.
It’s a survival mechanism.
Wife holds your hand when you’re afraid,
Feeds you, kisses you, and hugs you.

Wife’s smile warms your heart
You love the way that feels.
So you hold her hand when she’s afraid,
Feed her, kiss her, and hug her.

- Dominique Cobb



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