Doesn’t Mean It’s Real

I can’t wait until I start working out,
Maybe I will have time to feel less doubt.
This idle time got my emotions going wild.
Feeling less tight about things that use to be secure.
In search of infinite answers and solid doors.
Ignorance is bliss, but, I really got to know.
Before you walk through the door, decide if you want stay or go.
Should I stay or go?

You fail to see the things that you don’t know,
But if you don’t know how I feel than its impossible for us to grow.
One foot in the past and one in the present,
This quick sand got me sinking fast,
And if you told me you loved me, how long would that feeling last?
Tell me, How long would that last?

You wish I never existed,
Am I part of the reason that your life is all twisted?
I can’t handle the pain of this abandonment,
When I always thought you were heaven sent.

I naively loved you.
But I had false impressions,
And I’m slowly figuring out the truth.
When actions speak louder than words,
All I hear is pain,
Unfortunate hellos,
And sweet good-byes.
How will I remember you when you die?

Do you even know that i have your hands,
From my perceptive, you are everything less than grand,
But you don’t even know how tall I stand.
My favorite color, song, or who’s my current man.
Don’t you want to know me?

Wishing you could act like how you say you feel.
Just because you say it,
Doesn’t mean I believe it,
And it doesn’t mean that its real.

– Dominique Cobb

(May 2010)