Love Handles

Many have heard me state that I will never date a man that I am not physically attracted to. That does not make me shallow, it makes me human. Physical attraction is the reason that people “wink and smile” long enough to want to engage in further dialogue and assess ones character. The great thing about  attraction is that it’s relative.  We are all attracted to different things.

Let’s face it though, society has created a standard of beauty which aims to dictate who can generally be regarded as “hott.” From my  perspective, sexiness has little to do with your pants size and more to do with your work ethic in the office, in your home, and at the gym!

Love Handles is about celebrating yourself and rocking the best YOU that you can possibly be. Beauty is fleeting anyway, so I would prefer for us to celebrate something that caused us to work, sacrifice, and commit, such as your health and physical fitness. 

Love yourself enough to put yourself first. Your heart and your abs will thank you for it.

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