Hello Lovees, I have so much to be thankful for! Outside of my relationship with the Creator, and my love for my family, I am most thankful for being able to live a life of passion. This Thanksgiving it is my pleasure to announce to you that I am fulfilling one of my life goals […]

A New Love Letter !!!

Lovees – there are  few things in this world that undeniably make us feel warm and fuzzy. Thanksgiving food normally has that affect on people – but it’s only Tuesday. In the meantime, check out the latest love letter that has been submitted. It’s so heartfelt, transparent, and loving. I hope his girlfriend loves it…but […]

Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father

Hello Lovees! I want to share with you a guest post that I recently wrote. “Your Boyfriend Won’t Replace Your Father”  speaks about daddy issues in a way that is very consistent with all of my posts – promoting self-love and encouraging healthy relationships. Often times when aiming to be healthy, one of the first […]

Health and Fitness: Starting a Relationship with Them

Health and fitness is not just about physical attractiveness. That is a MAJOR bonus but it goes much deeper than that. There is something so incredibly attractive about someone who consistently does whatever it takes to reach their goals and someone who is disciplined enough to not make impulsive decisions that will sabotage what they’ve been […]

Caking Season – The Ultimate Season of Singleness

As caking season is approaching, people are becoming more aware of their singleness. Don’t be tempted to run from your singleness….EMBRACE it. Learn to identify whether or not it’s your season of singleness – and what to do while you’re in this season! Also be sure to like, comment, and subscribe on YouTube!


I Will Die For You

A woman that I know was married to a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive man for 15 years. His abuse started within two weeks of dating him which was three years before they got married. During the first episode of abuse he slapped her with great force and she dropped to the floor. However, at […]

Love God. Love People. | Haiti Mission Trip

Hi Lovees, I want to share with you all the experiences of my mission trip to Derac, Haiti! I suppose we “wink and smile” at our brothers and sisters too. Love God. Love People. Enjoy!


FREE Dating E-books Today & Sunday!

Check out my latest dating books, which are easy-reads – everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t! There’s something for Him and something for Her ;).  Today, tomorrow, and Sunday BOTH books  are FREE. I just ask that you leave a review if the book has encouraged you, changed your perspective, or […]

Flirtatious Friday: Hard to Please? Understanding Love Languages

*Singing*: “If you fall for me, I’m not easy to please.” Are you hard to please? Or are your trying to connect with someone that you perceive to be hard to please? Check it out!!    The resources that I am referring to in the vlog are: The book:The Heart of the 5 Love Languages […]

Etiquette Guide: Break-ups on Social Media

If you follow me on Facebook you know that my relationship status hasn’t changed in years! I’ve been very intentional about who I commit to because I’m trying to do this new thing where hopefully the guy that names me as his “girlfriend” will one day name me as his “wife.” Crazy idea, right?! haha… […]