Etiquette Guide: Break-ups on Social Media


If you follow me on Facebook you know that my relationship status hasn’t changed in years! I’ve been very intentional about who I commit to because I’m trying to do this new thing where hopefully the guy that names me as his “girlfriend” will one day name me as his “wife.” Crazy idea, right?! haha… but that last break-up sucked. Frankly they all suck, and now that social media is ever-so- popular break ups suck harder. I’m writing this post to share with you how I survived my break-up on social media.

If you happen to be going through this at the moment my goal is to save you some embarrassment, help you fight off probing folks, and help you move on with your life.  If this can’t help you,  pass it along to a friend!

At first when people are in healthy relationships, they share with their Facebook fam and Instagram followers pics and details about the sweet things that their mate has done for them. Something along the lines of having a picture of a steak dinner, captioned “My girl is the best” or  her having a picture of the two of them as her profile picture.  The relationship is exciting, fun, and loving so couples are anxious to share this aspect of their lives with others. Many social media followers are genuinely happy for the couple as well. Love is contagious :) All of these things has made the relationship public, very public. Now that it’s over, regrettably public. But don’t worry, I will get you through this without a hitch. Just follow these simple do’s and don’ts.


Let’s start with the don’ts because if you are doing any of these I want you to stop…right now. So let’s not delay it any further:


  • Sub-tweet/Repost memes about “a real man” or “a good woman.”  Your ex knows that its about him/her and so does everyone else. If you have something to say to your ex, being that you have all the contact info, you should just say it directly.
  • Stalk every new guy/girl that your ex adds as a friend on Facebook. How’s that going to change your situation?
  • Inquire about your ex’s well-being.  I know you care about him/her but you have to let that go.
  • Post pics of you and random guys, party pics, or glam shots as a way to communicate that your life is so much fun without him.
  • Let the world know that your #np – “Riding Solo”
  • Bad mouth your ex. It reflects poorly on you and your ability to choose a mate.
  • Release a PSA. Your relationship was between the two of you. You don’t owe  folks an explanation for the break-up.
  • Date someone new. A trusted friend once told me that if the relationship was less than 2 years there should be a 6 month time-frame before one starts to date again. If its longer than 2 years, the suggested time-frame of singleness was 1 year. This is the best advice that I can share.  Rebound relationships are tacky, but most importantly they rob you of the time to let your heart heal, and forces your new mate to clean up the last person’s mess (which is totally unfair).


  •  Delete your ex on your social media sites. (You can always add him/her back once y’all can be copacetic.) Doing this will put a stop to the desire to sub-tweet, prove that you aren’t hurt, or any of that petty stuff. It will allow you to focus on you and your needs.
  • Create a politically correct response. This will come in handy for people who have no business asking you about the break-up in the first place.  8 months after my break-up, I had someone pretend that they didn’t know that we weren’t together just so that they could get the juice. To that I politely responded, ” We just weren’t compatible.”
  • Be authentic in your feelings. If you need to cry, do so.  If you need closure from your ex, feel free to ask for it (you have nothing to lose at this point).
  • Share your feelings with people you trust. This could be a best friend, mom, counselor, or whomever. Just keep that circle small.
  • Spend time with people who love you. It will make you feel better. It’ll remind you that you rock and are awesome just the way you are.
  • Listen to Ridin’ Solo – Jason Derulo. It has a way of making you excited about being single again. 
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