Flirtatious Friday: Are you really single?

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3 thoughts on “Flirtatious Friday: Are you really single?

  1. That took me back down memory lane, I remember when I first met my ex-husband at the time he was only my boyfriend and my step sister was extremely jealous. She even had her mother to call me and make the statement, Pam, said you don’t spend no time with her since you and Chris got together; and I remember specifically when we all were together and she brought up some old stuff intentionally; I guess to get him not to like me… It’s funny how people are and sometimes we never think of it until something like your blog bring some things to our conscious. MY opinion on the topic is “if you really a true friend, you should be happy for that person and be patient with that person; after all friendship last forever, so the person not going anywhere just adding to the relationship, remember the more the merry.

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